Boaz the Redeemer Points Us to Jesus the Redeemer

September 17, 2017

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Sermon Summary: Today, we will continue our study in the Old Testament Book of Ruth. We will take a look at Chapter 3. In this chapter, Naomi tells Ruth of her plan to hopefully insure a better future for them. The plan is for Ruth to bring Boaz into the picture as a kinsman-redeemer. “Redemption” means deliverance through a price. Thus, a “redeemer” pays the price to deliver someone from a difficult and/or dangerous situation. Boaz the redeemer points us to the ultimate redeemer: Jesus Chris. Jesus paid the ultimate price with His life and blood to free us from the consequences of our sins. From Ruth chapter 3, we can find at least three truths about people who have been redeemed by Jesus…

  1. Redeemed people show genuine concern for others. 
  2. Redeemed people are people of integrity and purity rather than self-gratification.
  3. Redeemed people have souls filled by God.

Bible References

  • Ruth 3:1 - 9