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June 11, 2017

Love Most. A People of Grace

You are the plan! v.9-13 Strength to comprehend v.14-19 His dream for us v.20-21

June 4, 2017

Christians Can Have Complete Assurance of Salvation

Sermon Summary: Today, Pastor Bryan will preach a message based on the May 2017 “Equipping Verse”: “I write these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God that you may know that you have eternal life” (1 John 5:13). What a wonderful assurance it is when we know that we […]

May 28, 2017

The Lord is My Shepherd

May 22, 2017

Why do we care about Missions?

Because God cares for His holy name (it is not about you). Because we have had a heart transplant. Because God will accomplish His plan.

May 14, 2017

The Two Mothers of Moses

Sermon Summary: Today is Mother’s Day! Pastor Bryan’s message is based on Exodus 2:1-10. It was a dangerous time to be a Hebrew baby boy in Egypt back then. In order to save her son, Moses’ mother put him in a basket and placed the basket near the reeds along the Nile River. Pharaoh’s daughter […]

May 7, 2017

We Should Not Be Surprised When We Suffer

Sermon Summary: This morning, we will continue our study in the New Testament letter of 1 Peter. One of the themes that runs through this letter is the fact that Christians will pay a price and suffer for their faith. Earlier in the letter, Peter wrote that since Jesus suffered, we are to follow in […]

April 30, 2017

Christians and the Continual Obligation to Love Others

Sermon Summary: This morning we will take a closer look at the April 2017 Equipping Verse: Owe no one anything except to love each other, for the one who loves another has fulfilled the law (Romans 13:8). Love for others is a characteristic for everyone who follows Jesus. There are three truths that we can […]

April 23, 2017

Two Sides of Contentment

Sermon Summary: We would all like to feel content with our lives, our circumstances, and happiness. But life doesn’t always make us happy, and we can often feel dissatisfied with our lot in life. Yet Paul said he learned to be content in all kinds of situations, good and bad. Was he just easier to […]

April 16, 2017

Was the Resurrection of Jesus Fake News?

Sermon Summary: Today is Easter! This is the day taht the followers of Jesus celebrate the fact that Jesus Christ rose from the dead. The resurrection of Jesus is an essential truth for Christianity. If Jesus was not raised from the dead, then Christianity crumbles to the ground. The Apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 15:12-19 […]

April 9, 2017

Behold Your King is Coming to You!

Sermon Summary: Today is Palm Sunday! On the first Palm Sunday, Jesus triumphantly rode into the city or Jerusalem as Messiah and King (Matthew 21:1-11; Mark 11:1-11; Luke 19:28-40 and John 12:12-19). Jesus rode a donkey when he entered the city. This was a fulfillment of Zechariah 9:9. Today as we take a closer look […]

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